Shocking! Man brutally kills widowed-mother over petty issue in Odisha

Bargarh: In a shocking incident, a man brutally killed his widowed-mother over a petty issue at Kumbhari village under Barpalli police limits in Odisha’s Bargarh district today.

The accused has been identified as 32-year-old Bidyadhar Sahu while the deceased is Kosala Sahu. Bidyadhar killed Kosala by slitting her throat with a blade this afternoon.

Bidyadhar, who is married but his wife is living in her father’s house, reportedly had a heated argument with his mother over some petty issue, following this, in a fit of rage, he repeatedly slashed Kosala’s throat with a blade.

A team of cops from Barpalli police station rushed to the spot after getting information about the crime and started an investigation into the matter.

While interrogating the accused, police came to know that Bidyadhar packed his profusely bleeding mother in a sack and threw away the blade he used to slit her throat.

Apart from arresting the accused son, cops sent Kosala’s body to the hospital for post mortem.

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