Rath Yatra 2018: ‘Adhara Pana’ ritual of deities to be held at Puri today

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Puri: A day after the completion of the ‘Suna Besha’ ritual of the holy trinity at Puri Sri Jagannath temple yesterday in the aftermath of ‘Bahuda Jatara’, the unique ‘Adhara Pana’ ritual will be held on the chariots today.

As per the prevailing practice in the temple, the ‘Adhara Pana’ or offering of sweet drink, which used to be held on ‘Asadha Sukla Pakhya Dwadashi’ or the 12th day of the bright lunar fortnight in the Odia calendar month of ‘Asadha’, has been scheduled for offering after ‘Madyanha Dhupa’ or noon puja on the chariots today.

Prepared with milk, sugar, cheese, banana, nutmeg, camphor and black pepper the ‘Adhara Pana’ is offered to the deities in nine earthen pitchers prepared three each by Raghav Das Mutt, Odia Mutt and Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA), for which work starts at least a month ahead of the ritual.

After offering of the drink to the deities the pots are smashed on the chariots to let it spill all over to appease the ‘Parshwa Devatas’ (subsidiary deities) who reside on the chariot and accompany the holy trinity on their nine-day-long sojourn, Ratha Yatra.

However, devotees are strictly barred from taking the ‘Adhara Pana’.

The Ratha Yatra would come to an end tomorrow with the deities’ return to their seats, ‘Ratna Singhasana’ (bejeweled throne) in a ritual called ‘Niladri Bije’.

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