Ragging in Berhampur of Odisha, students involved rusticated

A viral video showed a girl being forced to say ‘I love you’ and being abused. She was even forced to kiss a boy in a ragging in Berhampur.

Berhampur: All the students involved the ragging in Berhampur have been rusticated from the college with immediate effect said the college Principal.

It is worth mentioning that, a girl had been ragged by a group of boys in Binayak Acharya Junior College in Berhampur of Ganjam district in Odisha on Wednesday.

All those students who were found involved have been rusticated with immediate effect and informed the College Principal. The orders have been given under the direction of the SP.

It is further worth mentioning that the prime accused has been reportedly booked under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

The video of the entire act has gone viral, the video shows the girl being forced to say ‘I love you’ to a senior and then being abused. She was also forced to kiss a boy. Some girls had also made videos while the girl was being ragged.

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