Popular Odia film comedian Black Ravi forced to sell vegetables on road during lock down: Watch

Bhubaneswar, April 18: Popular Odia film comedian Ravi Kumar, who is better known as Black Ravi had to visit door to door to sell vegetables during lock down.

Corona pandemic propelled lock down in Odisha has immensely affected social life of people. Ravi Kumar who has been seen in a number of hit Odia films was finally seen in the street selling vegetables in the Shamantarapur area of the capital city.

Ravi has a huge fan following. His comedy timing in films makes many his fans. Not only in the silver screen, in stage shows Ravi is a complete entertainer. His unique style of anchoring backed with comedy tadka and mimicry have earned him huge fans.

However, finally a day came, when he can’t shoot for films, he can’t perform on the stage to earn livelihood. And the situation pushes him to venture to the road to sell vegetables as a small trader to earn his livelihood.

When it comes to family of Ravi, two of his elder brother passed away one after one in separate road accidents few years back. Ravi takes care of a big family  which constitutes of four families, his, his two brothers’ and his parents. He has two daughters and a younger brother to take care besides his wife. However, aal was well for Ravi and his family, but due to lock down as he could not continue with the artistic work, he had to sell vegetable.

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  1. Kapilash Dehudi says

    Great job

  2. Maheswar Deka says

    The Nature is now running the Universe.We are now compelled to follow instructions of the Nature.Further, it is proved that the humans are never powerful than the Nature.
    We are compelled to say that coronavirus is a natural phenomenon.As the nature is powerful than humans,humans must obey the orders of the Nature.

  3. Avinash says

    I know him personally. A very good guy and too much down to earth and equally talented.God bless him..

  4. Jyoti Prakash Pradhan says

    No one here born in Rich or Famous,Time and situation change everything.So any work which you can do that is your workship.

  5. Chittaranjan Satpathy says

    Ravi, Don’t feel bad. No job/work is small, we odia artists are always not so well to do. Corona has brought bad day, but we will sign again

  6. Prasanta says

    We all should help him on such situations, please share your account details. If people of odisha loves you and want to see your family happy , then we should help

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