Police constable arrested for allegedly sexually harassing minor girl in Bhubaneswar

In a shocking and shameful incident, a police constable of Lingaraj Police station has been arrested by Commissionerate police for allegedly sexually harassing a minor girl in Bhubaneswar.

As per sources, the accused identified as Rajanikant Gamange, is an OAPF constable. He has allegedly been harassing a minor girl and blackmailing her to have sexual intercourse with him by threatening to make the obscene video of the girl viral on social media.

He also demanded that if the girl gave him Rs 50,000 then he will delete the video.

According to reports, this continued for 4 long years and the girl could not say anything to anyone in fear of her reputation being tainted.

The frightened minor girl could not even gather the courage to register a complaint against the constable in the police station.

At last she sought out the help of ChildLine helpline and registered a case against the accused in Mahila Police station.

As per Childline director Benudhar Senapati, the tainted constable has allegedly been sexually harassing the girl for last 4 years.

He is enraged by this incident and said that how can a protector become the attacker and sexually a harass a minor. He said he has been threating the girl as he was confident that no one will listen to the girl plea.

The constable has reportedly been dismissed from his post after he was arrested by Commissionerate police.

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