Odisha vigilance raid on amin in Balangir, detailed report here

Balangir: Today an Odisha vigilance raid on Amin, Nirmalendu Kabi in the office of Tahsildar, Saintala, Dist- Balangir has been conducted. Reports say an Amin has been apprehended by the Odisha Vigilance while accepting a bribe.

According to reliable reports, the Admin has been apprehended by Odisha Vigilance while demanding and accepting bribe of Rs. 8,000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand) from a Complainant. Reports say that, the bribe was sought for demarcation of his land as per orders of the Court of Tahsildar.

Further it is worth mentioning that, the complainant had applied for the demarcation back in July 2023 before Tahasildar of Saintala to pass necessary orders to Amin concerned to demarcate his land as per rules of R&DM department, Govt of Odisha.

Accordingly the Tahasildar, Saintala passed orders on 16.1.2024 to demarcate land of the applicant who happens to be the complt. But, Kabi, the Amin on receiving the orders of Tahasildar, Saintala was delaying the process by not executing the work. When the complainant contacted Kabi, Amin for demarcation of his land, Kabi demanded bribe Rs.8,000/- to demarcate the land.

Finding no other way, complt. narrated his problem before Vigilance Authority. Accordingly, Kabi, Amin was trapped by Vigilance team today, while accepting demanded bribe Rs.8,000/- from the complainant.

The entire tainted bribe money has been recovered from Kabi and seized.Following the successful trap, simultaneous searches are going on at two locations of Sri Kabi from DA angle.

In this connection, Sambalpur Vigilance PS Case No.03 dt.07.02.2024 U/s 7 P. C. Act, 1988 as amended by P.C. Amendment Act, 2018 has been registered.Investigation is in progress against accused Kabi, Amin. Detailed report awaited in this matter.

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