Odisha IPS officer Satyajit Naik honoured with ISB’s AMPPP Scholar of Excellence and ISB’s AMPPP Dean’s List

Mohali: IPS officer Dr. Satyajit Naik, has been awarded two prestigious medals for his outstanding achievements in the Indian School of Business Advanced Management Program in Public Policy (ISB AMPPP).

Dr. Naik was honoured with the ISB’s AMPPP Scholar of Excellence: Co23 and ISB’s AMPPP Dean’s List: Co23 during a ceremony held at the Mohali Campus of ISB yesterday. These awards signify national recognition for his exemplary performance in the program.

The ISB AMPPP is renowned for its diverse cohort of attendees, comprising individuals from various fields such as social entrepreneurship, non-governmental organizations, business entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, political governance, and public service. The program’s faculty members also bring a rich blend of scholarly and professional expertise, enhancing the learning experience by offering diverse perspectives and insights.

Dr. Naik, in his valedictory speech, expressed profound gratitude for the support and encouragement he received from his teachers, mentors, administrators, and friends throughout his academic journey. He acknowledged the rigorous academic journey undertaken by him and his fellow graduates, many of whom balanced their studies with professional responsibilities and duties extending beyond the classroom. He himself currently serves as an election observer, overseeing the Arakkonam and Vellore parliamentary constituencies in Tamil Nadu.

Reflecting on his experience in the ISB AMPPP program, Dr. Naik highlighted the program’s unique teaching approach, which includes role-playing and direct engagement, as well as interviews with subject matter experts to educate students on gender studies. He emphasized the effectiveness of this approach in fostering understanding and critical thinking among students. Additionally, Dr. Naik praised the accessibility of the faculty outside of class hours, underscoring their dedication to providing holistic learning experiences.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Naik encouraged his fellow graduates to embrace each day as an opportunity for growth and fulfilment, urging them to pursue their passions with courage and determination. He emphasized that excellence is the result of intention, efforts, and execution, and expressed his hope for continued success and meaningful connections for all.

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