Lack of hospital bed in Rajkanika forces women to lie on floor following family planning operation

Rajkanika: Lack of hospital bed in Rajkanika CHC has forced women to sleep on the floor following family planning operation, said reliable reports on Wednesday.  Reports say that after the family planning operation, the women were forced to sleep on the floor due to the lck of hospital beds in Rajkanika Community Health Center (CHC)

It has been mentioned that as many as 29 women went to the hospital for the surgery but no bed was arranged for them after the operation. As a result, 29 women who were operated on were laid on the floor of the medical center following the surgery because of the unavailability of beds in the CHC.

There was a lot of dissatisfaction among the treated women and the Asha workers. On the other hand, the in-charge of Rajkanika Group Health Center said that because the medical work was going on, the bed could not be arranged.

Further it is worth mentioning that, tubectomy is also known as tubal sterilization. It is a permanent method of contraception in women. It is a surgical procedure that blocks the fallopian tubes, thereby preventing the egg released by the ovary from reaching the uterus.

Tubectomy is a major surgery that is irreversible and has a number of risks involved in the procedure Hence it is important to receive and ask for the right advice and undergo the surgery under experienced doctors.

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