Hundreds of jelly fish found dead in Puri beach of Odisha

Puri: Hundreds of jelly fish found dead in Puri beach of Odisha said reliable reports in this regard on Tuesday. Reliable reports say that, hundreds of dead jellyfish have been seen on the sea shore in Puri.

According to reports, these dead jellyfish have been found in the Puri Digabareni road beach. So far it is worth mentioning that, no tourist has been injured after coming in contact with the jellyfish.

It is worth mentioning here that, earlier on June 2022 many tourists were admitted to the hospital after coming in contact with jellyfish at the Puri beach. However, jellyfish are hardly found in Puri beach. But today, hundreds of jellyfish have been found washed up on the beach.

With thousands of tourists going to the beach to bathe, it is worth mentioning that the saliva of the jellyfish is poisonous. If the saliva splashes on the body while bathing or when the tourists come in contact with it severe allergy may be caused.

However it is noteworthy that, there is a need for the administration to be quick about how to protect tourists from jellyfish terror and how the tourists can bathe safely in the beach. Further detailed reports awaited in this matter.

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