Follow These Tips & Tricks To Avoid WhatsApp Online Banking Frauds

WhatsApp Messenger has become the biggest platform of chatting and messaging now. More than 150 million users from about 180 countries of the world use this communication tool. This is the reason why a lot of hackers are also trying to lime people through this platform.

Caution is very important to stay away from such cyber criminals. Let us tell you some such tips, with the help of which you can protect yourself from being a victim of Internet banking fraud on WhatsApp.

Ignore contact unknown: Do not reply to WhatsApp messages from unknown contacts unless necessary. Do not click on any link sent by them.

Do not share banking details: Never send your banking details like account details, debit / credit card PIN or internet banking passwords to anyone on WhatsApp.

Avoid downloading unknown files: If a media file has been sent from a new number, do not make the mistake of downloading it. This can be a file to trap you.

If you lose your phone, first deactivate WhatsApp: If the phone is lost or stolen, please deactivate WhatsApp immediately. For this, you have to log into WhatsApp from another phone and your WhatsApp will be logged out from the first phone.

Do not send OTP cargo: No matter how small or whatever the transaction is, do not send or share any one time password (OTP) on your phone on WhatsApp.

Delete data while replacing old phone: If you are changing your old phone, then clear WhatsApp data completely and go to Settings and clear the rest of the device’s data from restore factory settings.

Do not use public networks: Avoid using WhatsApp on public or open Wi-Fi networks, as there is an increased risk of hacking.

Disable auto-download: Disable the option of automatic media files download by going to the settings of WhatsApp. After this, no media file will be automatically downloaded without tapping on you.

Do not reply to the offer message: A lot of messages with fake offers are being shared on WhatsApp, do not make the mistake of tapping on the given link with them. Replacing them can also be dangerous.

Do not get caught in such offers: Do not trust messages that claim to connect to your WhatsApp computer and say that you will be able to send messages from the computer.

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