Crocodile drags cow off riverbank in Odisha’s Bhadrak district, watch

The incident took place in the Mantei River in Basudevpur area

Bhadrak: In a bone chilling incident, a crocodile sneaked into the River bank and dragged a cow into the River water when it was grazing grass. The incident took place in the Mantei River in Basudevpur area of Bhadrak district in Odisha.

As per reports, Makara Mallick of Chatrapada had left the cow on the bank of River Mantei so that it can graze grasses. After sometimes the villagers saw that the cow has been dragged into the River water and it is trying to make itself free from the grip of an animal.

Soon, they observed that a huge crocodile is dragging the cow into the deep water. They tried to rescue the cow but in vain.

After being alerted the officials of the Forest Department from Basudevpur reached the spot. However, nobody could save the cow.

Following the incident crocodile fear has gripped the villages on the bank of the Mantei River. Especially the villagers of Chatrapada under Balimeda panchayat are in panic due to crocodile scare.

People use to go to the Charabatia ghat, Karanjiadia Ghata and Padmapur ghat through this way. Hence, they have asked the Forest Department to take appropriate measures so that people can be safe from crocodiles.

Click here to watch the video.

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