Car carrying Ganja seized by police in Nayagarh of Odisha

Reportedly, the car seized at Odisha's Nayagarh was carrying about 50.18 kg of ganja. The passengers of the car were also arrested.

Nayagarh: In a recent incident, a car carrying ganja was seized by police.  The car was seized at a toll gate near Rangamatia village under the limits of Daspalla Police.

As per reports from the police, they had halted the car at a toll gate during patrolling. Upon checking, they had discovered that the car was loaded with ganja. Following which, they seized the car and arrested the passengers in it.

Reportedly, the car was carrying about 50.18 kg of ganja. One of the passengers of the car, Nihar Ranjan Ojha, managed to escape the scene.

The operation was led by IIC Suresh Kumar Behera. SI Snehalata Pradhan and ASI Arun Kumar Jena were also a part of the team. The arrested people will be presented at the court today.

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