Bride takes out bangles during wedding, groom returns home sans wife in Odisha: Watch

Balasore: In a startling incident a bride recently was seen taking out her bangles (Sankha) while her wedding was underway. This unusual incident took place in the Remu village under Baliapala Police Station in Balasore district of Odisha on Tuesday.

As per reports, the marriage of the girl from Remu village under Baliapala PS had been fixed with a boy of Uluda village under Kamarda Police limits of Balasore district.

On the fateful day the bride and the bridegroom had set on the marriage pandal. The priest was uttering vedic verses to solemn the marriage. Guests were present on the occasion and all gears were ready to execute a perfect marriage.

However, after some time the bride stood at her place and started removing sankhas from her hands and threw those on the spot. The relatives and guests who were present on the spot tried to stop her but in vain. Finally she took out the bangles and skipped the wedding. And witnessing all these developments, the bride groom fainted.

It has been learnt that the marriage was going on without the consent of the girl. The whole scene has been recorded by someone and posted to social media that has gone viral now.

Watch the video here:

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  1. Rajib Ranjan Das says

    Outrageous shocking, abuse of the husband. If the man had done this he would be arrested with a range of cases from sec 498a to DV. Because it’s the bride the police and judiciary will protect her crime out of feminist bias.

    1. Ano says

      parents should be arrested for trying to forcibly marry off daughter against her wishes.

    2. Sheela Suryanarayan says

      And, the bride being beaten up is fine!

      1. Ajit says

        What do you expect, should there be aarti to the girl for doing this adventure in front of all guests and society? If she has problem, she should object it before the marriage is fixed, atleast few days before the marriage was announced and cards were distributed. If she has courage to do it in Mandap, she can do it when the marriage was fixed. Don’t men have feelings? The groom fainted seeing all her act..

        Would you ask same question if a bridegroom had done it to the bride?

        1. Ankita Mondal says

          And how do you know that she did protest before? Maybe she did protest but then they beat her up for protesting.She might have been protesting from the very beginning but she could not longer take it anymore.There was no one to help her before but she thought that maybe infront of so many people and the police being present she might get some justice but instead she gets beaten up.

    3. Ankita Mondal says

      First of all feminism is about equal rights to all gender.If someone things it’s own for women then you have a false impression.If it was a guy who did this act and gets beaten up then it’s not feminism it’s patriarchal bias.

  2. Norbert says

    In India a girl child is considered no less than cattle, her wishes,aspirations and views has no meaning, the parents and relatives only want to get rid of her as soon as she reaches the age of puberty and for this they will willingly push her to doom,just to wash their hands off from all responsibility. In the clip it can be seen that the bride is being beaten up, I hope authorities take strict action against all those responsible for such a dastardly act. Where are those preaching”Beti bachao,Beti Padhao”??

  3. Aalina says

    Some people may chase it as a point of concern n some might think it is quite common but what we wanna see us what happened next is d girl been punished or d groom as both of them seems to be adult.. It is happening out of our community who how far does d man go doesn’t matter the thing matter is let d rituals n beliefs b followed let what our forefathers did b follow…

  4. Bola says

    And the news clearly only reports about the groom fainting while the bride is getting beaten up and also forced to marry against her will.

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