Bhubaneswar: Mother of two daughters forsakes family, flees with boyfriend

The woman who fled with her lover has been identified as Nandini Sethi. how was a member of a Self Help Group (SHG).

Bhubaneswar: A married woman reportedly fled with her boyfriend by forsaking her husband and two minor daughters in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar recently.

One Nandini Sethi had married to Hina Sethi around 9-10 years ago after falling in love with him. The couple along with their two daughters –the elder daughter is eight-year-old while the younger daughter is three-year-old- were living in Salia Sahi area of Bhubaneswar. Nandini and Hina were the residents of Ganjam district.

Hina Sethi was working as a painter while Nandini Sethi was a member of a Self Help Group (SHG). As a member of the SHG, she was looking after the financial matter of the group.

The members of the particular SHG used to get personal loans from a private bank. A man from the concerned bank used to visit Salia Sahi and collect the interests from the SHG members.

Taking the advantage of the absence of Nandini’s husband, the bank employee developed a relationship with her. He allegedly taught Nandini how to avail loans from the bank in others’ name.

In course of time, Nandini took loans in the name of several people including her own brother and sister. By the time, she had fallen in love of the bank employee.

Later, Nandini eloped with the bank employee after collecting huge amount of money and gold ornaments from the people and the bank. She even did not have any concern for her minor daughters.

Hina Sethi and her brother-in-law (Nandini’s brother) along with other family members searched for Nandini at all possible locations. After failing to know about the whereabouts of Nandini, they filed a complaint at Maitri Vihar Police station.

Based on the complaint, police initiated an investigation and arrested Nandini from Hirapur village. However, her lover (the bank employee) managed to escape from the spot. Later, police forwarded her to the court for not returning the duped money of the people.

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