Tripura: Couple tied to pole, assaulted over alleged extra martial affair

A man and a woman in Tripura were on Saturday tied to an electric pole and publicly humiliated for hours over an alleged relationship.

Tripura: A distressing incident occurred in Tripura on Saturday as a man and a woman were publicly humiliated by being tied to an electric pole for several hours due to an alleged relationship between them.

The man is married with two children, while the woman is a 20-year-old living with her cousin brother and sister-in-law. Videos of the assault have gone viral on social media.

In the videos, an elderly woman can be seen pulling the woman’s hair and repeatedly striking her, while the man is tied to the same electric pole beside her. A group of onlookers witnesses the assault, yet no one steps in to help. Another man in the video can be seen scolding the couple verbally.

This incident took place in Belonia town, located in the South Tripura district. Allegedly, the married man was discovered to be involved in a romantic relationship with the 20-year-old woman from the same area. Locals caught them together on Saturday morning and subjected them to a “shalishi baithak,” which is a type of informal public trial conducted by a makeshift court.

Subsequently, the police arrived at the scene and intervened to release the victims. Despite the traumatic experience, none of the individuals involved, including the injured man and woman, chose to file any formal complaints. However, the police have registered a case, and an ongoing investigation is in progress.

Furthermore, the cousin brother of the young woman has been taken into custody, and her sister-in-law is among those accused of participating in the physical assault. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges surrounding public humiliation and the need for swift intervention by law enforcement authorities.

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