SRFTI director Himansu Khatua inaugurates tram depicting legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray

Kolkata: SRFTI director Himansu Khatua on Monday inaugurated tram yatra on the occasion of the 150th foundation day of tram services in Kolkata and 100th birth anniversary of legendary film maker Satyajit Ray.

The event was organised by Kolkata Tram Users’ Association and INTAC. The said tram had been decked up with the works of the great film maker Satyajit Ray.

As per reports, the tram ran from Tollygunge Tram Depot to Ballygunge Tram Depot. Tram workers from Melbourne and well-wishers were present on the occasion.

Tram Users Association secretary Mahadev C and INTAC convenor GM Kapoor spoke on this occasion.

On this occasion SRFRTI director Sri Khauua said that use and propagation of Tram should be there. He also spoke about the specialty of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray.


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