Side Lower berths in trains to be revamped soon: Watch

Bhubaneswar: The train passengers, who are allotted the side lower berths, often complain of discomfort when they want to sleep during night. The matter of concern is, the center portion of the side lower berth do not have any support, which makes the sleeping experience painful. Good news is that, Indian Railway is going to address this problem soon.

Keeping in view the discomfort faced by the passengers of Side Lower berths Indian Railway has come up with the solution. The lower side berths will be equipped with a plank that will provide extra support as well as comfort to the passenger when folded.

Union Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal recently shared a video on his Twitter page, where some railway officials can be seen demonstrating how the new model will work.

As seen in the video, an additional foldable plank has been put in between the seat and the window when the passenger uses the berth as a seat. When he wants to avail the sleeping arrangement, first you need to fold the backrest of the two seats as normal and then pull out the plank and place it over the seat. Now, it will provide a comfortable experience.

Tweeting the video, Piyush Goyal said, “Indian Railways is attempting to make the travel of the passengers convenient. This is an example of that. Some changes have been made in the seats, which will make the journey of passengers more comfortable.”

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  1. SREEDHAR says

    Very easy to carry it home by thief’s…. specially in India….request Indian railways to not to use that berth….

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