PM Modi flouted MCC with Balakot Air strike mention: CPI(M)

New Delhi: The CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury has written to the Election Commission alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interview to a TV news channel, gave out operational details of the Balakot air strikes to influence voters.

Mr. Yechury said, “His behaviour and statements are in clear and deliberate violation of the guidelines which were reissued and reiterated by the Election Commission before the first round of polling, which made it clear that the armed forces which belong to all of India, cannot be a subject for hyperbolic and false claims by any party for garnering votes.”

In the interview, Mr Modi had said that initially there was some doubt on going ahead of the Balakot strike due to bad weather. He said in his “raw wisdom” he thought that the cloud and rains would help evade the radar (Pakistani) and therefore, despite cloudy weather, he gave a go ahead.

“In an interview aired on News Nation Channel on the eve of polling for the sixth phase, Mr Modi made an outrageous claim. He said that he approved the cross-border mission of the Indian Air Force despite bad weather and against professional expert advice because the clouds would hide Indian fighter jets from Pakistani radars,” said Mr Yechury.

Mr Yechury said it appears that Mr Modi was mocking the Election Commission “by violating all rules, codes and guidelines with impunity with damaging consequences for our democracy, of which the Election Commission is the custodian”.

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