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PM Modi announces quick availability of COVID vaccine for all States


New Delhi: At a time when the entire world is going through a harrowing time due to the Coronavirus pandemic and in dire need of COVID vaccine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced quick availability coronavirus vaccine for all States of the country.

Modi’s announcement came while he was addressing the nation at the Red Fort on the occasion of 74th Independence Day.

“Today three vaccines are in testing stages in India. As soon as the scientists give a green signal, the country will begin their large scale production,” said Modi.

This apart, the Prime Minister also expressed his concern for the children saying we are going through distinct times. “I can’t see young children in front of me today,” he said.

He also saluted the Corona warriors for their heroic services at the cost of their lives. “Corona has stopped everyone. In these times of COVID, Corona warriors have lived the mantra of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’ and served the people of India. I express my gratitude to them,” he said.

“A few months back we used to import N-95 masks, PPE kits and ventilators. Today India is not only meeting its own requirements but it has also stepped forward to help other countries,” PM Narendra Modi.

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