PM congratulates students after CBSE declares Class XII results

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the students after CBSE declared Class XII results on Friday.

The Prime Minister urged the students to follow their inner calling.

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister said: “Congratulations to all my young friends who passed the CBSE Class XII exams. The grit and dedication of these youngsters is commendable. They prepared for these exams through a time when humanity faced a monumental challenge and achieved this success.”

Asking the students to follow their inner calling, he said: “There are innumerable opportunities that await our young exam warriors, who passed the CBSE Class XII exams. I urge them to follow their inner calling and pursue subjects they are passionate about. My best wishes for their future endeavours.”

Encouraging students who are not happy with their results, Prime Minister Modi said: “Some students may not be happy with their results but they must know that one exam will never define who they are. I am certain they will find more success in times to come,” he added.

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