Narrow escape for passengers as major collision averted between 2 India-bound planes in Dubai

New Delhi: It was surely a narrow escape for the Air passengers of two India-bound flights as the two flights could have ended hitting each other in the runway at Dubai Airport. The incident took place on January 09 while DGCA has sought a copy of their investigation report from UAE’s civil aviation authority in this matter.

An Emirates flight bound for Hyderabad had commenced take-off when the air traffic control (ATC) intervened and asked it to abort take-off, reported India Today.

It was because another Emirates flight was already on the runway. It was a Bengaluru bound flight which reportedly was allowed to take off, while the Hyderabad flight was held back and awaited clearance.

The UAE accidents investigator has reportedly launched a probe in this matter while India’s DGCA has also sought a copy of the report.

Preliminary reports suggest the Hyderabad flight did not have ATC clearance for take-off, reported India Today.

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