Lord Ram was the biggest socialist of his time: SP

New Delhi: After Lord Hanuman hogged the limelight in the Delhi elections, the Samajwadi Party is trying hard to prove that Lord Ram was the biggest socialist of his time.

This is after UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath during his speech in the assembly, advocated ‘Ramrajya’ instead of socialism, saying not everyone can understand what ‘Ramrajya’ is and socialism has become irrelevant and impractical.

Calling the CM ignorant, the Samajwadi Party quoted some couplets of the ‘Ramayana’ by Tulsidas to prove its point that Lord Ram was the biggest socialist.

I.P. Singh, the national spokesman of the SP, told IANS, “CM Adityanath was saying that he wants Ramrajya instead of socialism. If he had understood the life and times of Lord Ram, he would not have said this. Rather, Lord Ram was the biggest socialist of his time. Lord Ram, after taking over the reigns of Ayodhya, had devised such policies on health, education and even taxes that narrowed the gap between the rich and the poor.”

Citing a couplet of the Ramayana, Singh said, “the couplet means that when the king ia giver, he gives to all equally and when it has to take from the people, it is like the sun soaking rain’s water as nobody sees it.”

“What kind of saint Yogi Adityanath is. He has not understood Lord Ram who was the biggest socialist of his time. He is totally ignorant,” Singh added.

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