Kerala-based bakery makes World’s Longest Covered Brownie

In a mouthwatering collaboration, two family-owned bakeries joined forces to make the world's longest covered brownie.

Thiruvananthapuram: In a mouthwatering collaboration, two family-owned bakeries joined forces to make the world’s longest covered brownie. Cochin Bakery and Brownnies Bakery, both established in the 1880s, proudly unveiled this extraordinary treat, measuring an impressive 223.16 meters (732 feet 1 inch). The grand unveiling took place on March 26 at a lively football stadium in Kerala, India.

Renowned as “brownie experts,” these bakeries whip up a multitude of these delectable delights on a daily basis. Eager to showcase their expertise and signature products, they embarked on the journey to set a new record. This endeavor had its roots in September 2022 when the bakeries decided to aim for a record title, drawing inspiration from their prior experiences crafting lengthy cakes.

Adjudicator Rishi Nath played a crucial role in this sweet accomplishment, meticulously measuring and verifying the brownie’s impressive length. Following strict guidelines set by Guinness World Records, the brownie could not go to waste. To the delight of onlookers and attendees, the entire record-breaking creation was distributed to the public.

Such was the popularity of this remarkable brownie that organizers had to establish a systematic queue to manage the eager crowd. Cake boxes were thoughtfully arranged, allowing enthusiastic spectators to savor a piece of history. Even Rishi Nath, the adjudicator, couldn’t resist taking a bite and attested that the brownie was indeed “rather nice.”

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