Kashmir to get connected with rest of India through train lines

Traveling to Jammu and Kashmir is to become much easier from next year onwards. The Kashmir valley is to get connected with the rest of India through train lines. This step is sure to boost Kashmir’s economy by uplifting tourism. As all the bottlenecks at the railway tracks would be removed, Kashmir valley shall get connected via trains with the rest of India.

In spite of being home to vast resources, Kashmir has always lagged behind on all terms. One main reason accountable for the same issues with connectivity. Kashmir is, however, equipped with facilities like flights and airline services. But since a majority of the country prefers to travel via train, Kashmir lags behind by a bit. Now, the all-time-available and cost-effective connectivity shall prove to be a boon for the economy of the state. A well-known source said that after getting completed, this system will surely contribute to the overall development of the northernmost region of the country.

An official stated that a major portion of the work on the rail tunnel in the Ramban region has been completed already. He further said that the completion of the work is quite difficult and so far, it has been quite challenging.

The plan however comes with its own set of challenges, mainly in its construction. The routes of the trains stretch over 345km, covering earthquake zones and inhospitable terrains. This is going to be a revolution for Jammu-Kashmir, once completed. Apart from tourism and industrialization, the planned connectivity will also contribute to the development of agriculture, floriculture, and horticulture in the Union Territory.

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