Indian Railways launch ‘Baby Berth’ for infants

New Delhi: The Indian Railways introduced a separate ‘Baby Berth’ (seats for newly-born children) in trains on Mothers’s Day on February 8 where the infants will now be able to sleep alongside their mother.

The lower berths already reserved for women have been placed next to baby berths so that young children can travel with their mother without any inconvenience.

At present these new berths meant for young children have been installed in some trains on a trial basis.

According to official information, two berths have been added in the Lucknow Mail going from Lucknow to New Delhi. The Railways will not charge any extra fare for the seat meant for infants.

The Railways tweeted, saying that after introducing this new facility, women travelling with a milk-fed infant will feel at ease.

The Railways has also shared the photo of a ‘baby birth’ in a tweet, saying that a baby berth has been introduced along with two berths in three-tier AC coach of the Lucknow Mail. Soon, the baby berth facility would be extended to other trains as well.

Efforts are made by the Railways to provide lower berths to women travelling alone, pregnant women and women travelling with children below the age of five years. The width of the reserved berths of the train is less due to which it becomes difficult for the women to travel with small children.

Therefore, arrangements have been made for including a seat for children with the lower berth reserved for women. The Railways has taken due care that the child does not fall from the train seat as well.

At the time of booking a reservation ticket, the name of children aged below five years will have to compulsorily filled and a baby berth will be made available to women.

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