Gujarat launches ‘Sinh Suchna’ app for tracking lions; announces new Safari Park 

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel unveiled a novel mobile application named 'Sinh Suchna' for tracking lions.

Gandhinagar: In a significant move to mark World Lion Day, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel unveiled a novel mobile application named ‘Sinh Suchna’. This innovative app aims to revolutionize wildlife conservation by enabling both the state’s forest department and the public to monitor lion movements more effectively.

The ‘Sinh Suchna’ app empowers citizens to directly report lion sightings to the forest department, allowing for real-time tracking and swift conflict resolution. CM Patel stressed the app’s role in boosting public engagement in wildlife conservation during the launch event in Gandhinagar.

The launch event also witnessed the inauguration of a new lion safari park planned near Naliya-Mandvi village in Una taluka of Gir-Somnath district. This initiative aims to alleviate the strain on the Gir National Park in Sasan-Gir due to the rising number of tourists. The move is expected to benefit the local ecology and the majestic lion inhabitants.

A ‘Lion Anthem’ was released alongside the app, along with two books celebrating Gujarat’s natural heritage: “The King of the Jungle – The Asiatic Lions of Gir” and “Hu Gujarat no Sinh”.

The lion population in Gujarat has reached a count of 674, spanning across 30,000 sq km. This has attracted about 800,000 tourists to Gir in the past year alone. CM Patel emphasized the Central government’s commitment to lion preservation through ‘Project Lion’, which is backed by a budget of Rs 2,900 crore. This comprehensive project encompasses the establishment of a breeding center, an isolation facility, and advanced medical treatment for lions. It will also integrate modern technological tools such as CCTV cameras, radio collars, and drones for improved monitoring and conservation efforts.

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