Go First suspends flights until July 25, due to operational reasons

Go First, the aviation company, made an announcement stating the suspension of its flights until July 25 due to operational reasons.

New Delhi: Aviation company Go First announced the cancellation of its flights till July 25, due to operational reasons on Sunday.

The company made the announcement on Twitter and wrote, “We regret to inform that due to operational reasons, Go First flights scheduled till 25th July 2023 have been cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the flights cancellations.”

The tweet further adds that the company has filed an application for immediate resolution and revival of operations. “As you are aware, the company has filed an application for immediate resolution and revival of operation. We will be able to resume bookings shortly,” the tweet reads.

The Mumbai-based airline Go First had to stop flying on May 3 because it was facing financial difficulties. The company is now going through a process to sort out its financial problems. They had to cancel all their flights until July 25th. One of the main reasons for their troubles was that many of their airplanes had engine issues, which caused them to be grounded.

Recently, the aviation regulator DGCA approved a plan for Go First to restart operations. The plan allows them to fly with 15 aircraft and have 114 flights per day, but they have to meet certain conditions and get the necessary funding to support their operations.

Initially, the airline’s plan was to resume operations with 26 aircraft and 160 flights per day, but after a special inspection of their facilities and some additional information requested by the DGCA, Go First had to revise their plan. Now, they are reducing both the number of airplanes in their fleet and the number of flights they will operate.

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