Full budget will be presented after formation of new govt, says PM Modi

Before start of the Budget Session, PM Narendra Modi said that full budget will be presented after the formation of the new government

New Delhi: Speaking to the media before the start of the Budget Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that full budget will be presented after the formation of the new government.

The Prime Minister said, “Usually, when the election time is near, the full budget is not presented, we will also follow the same tradition and bring the full budget before you after the formation of the new government. This time, the country’s Finance Minister Nirmala ji is going to present her budget in front of all of us tomorrow with some guiding points.”

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister recalled the first session of the new Parliament and highlighted the significant decision taken in the first session.

“The passage of the Women Empowerment and Adulation Act marked a pivotal moment for our nation, Modi Said.

Referring to the Republic Day celebrations, he acknowledged the country’s embrace of the strength, valour, and determination of Nari Shakti.

The Prime Minister underscored the importance of the address by President Droupadi Murmu and presentation of the Interim Budget by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, describing it as a celebration of women’s empowerment.

Reflecting on the past decade, PM Modi acknowledged the contribution of every Member of Parliament. However, he urged introspection among those who have strayed from democratic values and resorted to ruckus and disruption.

The Prime Minister said, “Criticism and opposition are essential in a democracy, but it is those who have enriched the House with constructive ideas that are remembered by a large cross section. No one remembers those who have just created disruption.”

Looking ahead, Modi emphasised the enduring impact of parliamentary debates, asserting, “Every word spoken here will echo in the annals of history.”

He called upon members to contribute positively, stating, “While constructive criticism is welcome, disruptive behavior will fade into obscurity.”

With the Budget Session underway, PM Modi urged all esteemed members to seize the opportunity to leave a positive imprint. He implored them to prioritise national interests, saying, “Let us strive to deliver our best, enrich the House with our ideas, and infuse the nation with enthusiasm and optimism.”

Modi concluded, “India’s journey of inclusive and comprehensive development will continue, propelled by the blessings of the people.”

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