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From humiliation to tough time with senior, this former police constable defied all odds to clear UPSC exam and now aims to be an IAS officer

When an individual has a burning desire to achieve something or do something great in life will definitely find opportunity in all obstacles like Uday Krishna Reddy, a former police constable of Andhra Pradesh Police Department, who secured an impressive rank in the 2023 Civil Services Examination, the results of which were announced Tuesday.

Uday Krishna Reddy is a resident of Oollapalem village in Andhra Pradesh. His journey to the glory of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is something very unique and inspiring as it is full of different difficulties since his childhood. He was raised by his grandmother, Ramanamma, after he lost his parents at a young age.

Uday Krishna Reddy joined the Andhra Pradesh Police Department in 2013 at the age of 19. He was the youngest constable of his batch. As he was young, he always dreamt for preparing for competitive exams but had prioritized UPSC. After completing his tough duty hours, he used his leisure time to study instead of resting and spending time recklessly like other day-dreamers.

However, his dream of preparing for the competitive exams started to get shuttered as his superior, the circle inspector, held a grudge against him and began targeting him when he heard about his ambitions.

In his interview with, Uday Krishna Reddy said that he had to miss one exam in Rajahmundry as the circle inspector intentionally assigned him sentry duty without giving him leave for the exam.

The circle inspector even publicly humiliated Uday Krishna Reddy in front of 60 policemen when he once reached a bit late for the drill on August 10, 2018 by saying him ‘this sir will become an IPS officer or IAS officer,’ reported Though Reddy requested him to permit to participate in the drill, the circle inspector continued to mock at him and gave him one-hour punishment saying ‘Don’t live in your dreams. You are just a constable.’

Not knowing what to do next and after being fed up with the insults, Reddy sent his resignation to the circle inspector but he did not accepted the resignation rather threw away saying Reddy was threatening him.

Despite all these, Uday Krishna Reddy did not give up his dream rather started working hard and took leaves from another police station to attend coaching for UPSC.

The circle officer was issued a deserter notice in 2019, a year after Uday Krishna Reddy resigned, but he had reportedly formed a team to spy on Reddy. But, without getting affected by all these, Reddy gave his best for the UPSC preparation and was able to qualify for the prelims in 2019 and was called for the mains.

Things gradually turned his way as he was helped by unit officer, Siddharth Kaushal, in getting his no-objection certificate. This is how he could fight against all odds confidently and cleared one of the toughest competitive exams and secured an impressive 780th rank in the 2023 Civil Services Examination.

As per his AIR, Reddy may initially be assigned to the Indian Revenue Service (IRS), but now he aims to qualify for the IAS.

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