Financially struggling Seema Haider offered role in film amidst controversy

Seema Haider, who made headlines for her illegal entry into India, has got an offer to work in a movie titled 'A Tailor Murder Story.'

Noida: Seema Haider, the 30-year-old Pakistani national who made headlines for her illegal entry into India, has received an unexpected offer to work in a movie titled ‘A Tailor Murder Story.’ The film revolves around the murder of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal by Islamic radicals.

Jani Firefox Production House recently met with Seema in Greater Noida and conducted an audition for the film. Renowned film directors Jayant Sinha and Bharat Singh were present during the audition. It is reported that Seema is being considered for the role of a RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) officer in the movie.

Previously suspected to be an ISI agent, Seema has not yet given her consent to appear in the film. She expressed that she would only accept the film’s offer after receiving a clean chit from Uttar Pradesh’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

The heinous murder of Kanhaiya Lal shook the nation as he was beheaded in broad daylight by individuals posing as customers in his tailor shop. The perpetrators, Mohammd Riyaz Attari and Ghouse Mohammed, later recorded a video admitting to the crime. They stated that it was in response to a social media post supporting Nupur Sharma, who had made controversial statements about Prophet Muhammad.

Earlier, Jani had welcomed Seema Haider’s religious conversion to Hinduism and presented her with a saffron shawl. In adherence to Indian etiquette, Seema sought Jani’s blessings by touching her feet.

Both Seema Haider and the film production team are eagerly awaiting the ATS report to commence filming for ‘A Tailor Murder Story.’ The film seeks to shed light on the tragic incident and its impact on society, and Seema’s potential participation adds a unique dimension to the project.

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