Tiger halts traffic on flyover in Madhya Pradesh

In a shocking incident, a tiger was seen resting in the middle of a flyover in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. The incident took place around 25 kms away from Seoni district on the National Highway 7,  which falls inside the buffer zone of Pench National Park of Madhya Pradesh.

According to sources, a tiger reportedly walked from the nearby forest area and then set on the middle of the flyover of National Highway 7. As soon as the big-cat was spotted by the people on the road the vehicular traffic came to a halt.

The tiger rested for a while on the fly-over and then walked back towards the forest.

One of the eyewitnesses who was inside his car during the incident filmed the incident and posted it on social media. The video clip of the incident went viral garnering thousands of views. So far it has been shared by a huge number of viewers.

It is quite surprising to find that even though the tiger is a wild animal, it did not attack any humans nearby. Clearing of forests might be the probable reason behind the tiger moving out of its natural habitat and strolling on the highway.

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