Doctor Dies After Receiving Fake Remdesivir Doses In Tamil Nadu

Chennai: A doctor based in Tindivanam has lost his life after he allegedly received spurious dose of the anti-viral drug Remdesivir. The Tamil Nadu Health Department cancelled the Covid treatment license of the private hospital.

According to reports, the action was taken by the Health Department after the Health Minister received a complaint from the brother of the deceased doctor on Tuesday.

The complainant alleged that the deceased doctor had tested positive for Covid-19 and after being administered with the alleged fake doses his health condition deteriorated which led to his death.

The Health Department also alleged that the hospital had many more of the fake Remdesivir doses during the time of inspection following which they cancelled  the license under Clinical Establishments Act and slapped a fine of one lakh rupees.

The Health Minister said that the hospital had a invoice of 12 vials of Remdesivir but 18 were found in their stock to which the hospital authorities said that they procured the drug from Pudducherry.

The Tamil Nadu government issued an advisory and ordered that the Remdesivir injections shall not be procured from open market.


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