Delhi Metro commuters may not need tokens to travel, can use phones

DMRC likely to conduct trials for a new phone-based QR code ticketing technology which will provide this facility

New Delhi: The commuters of Delhi Metro rail might not be needed to take tokens with them to make a journey on the metro rail, rather they can use their mobile phones in place of the token.

Reportedly, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is going to conduct trials for a new phone-based QR code ticketing technology. If the trial will be successful and the said ticketing technology will be successfully implemented, the commuters then will not be needed to stand in long queues to get their tokens to travel. Rather, they can do so by using their mobile phones.

How it will work: Visit the Delhi Metro Rail App. You can generate e-tickets using new QR code technology. There will be multiple payment options there through which one can pay. Once the payment is successfully made, a QR code will be generated. The commuters are required to place their phones in front of the QR code scanner at the automatic fare collection (AFC) gates. Accordingly, the user will be given entry to the Metro station.

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