Chhattisgarh: Rahul Sahu’s 5 days’ struggle in deep borewell & friendship with NDRF Jawan: Watch

Rahul Sahu, the 10 year old brave boy who was trapped in a deep borewell of 80 feet for long 106 hours in Janjgir Champa district of Chhattisgarh made friendship with NDRF Jawan B Anil Kumar who interacted with him across the whole process. This jawan of NDRF did much more than his duty during the Rahul rescue saga.

After a few hours from falling of Rahul into the 80 feet borewell the rescue mission to extract him from the pit was initiated. He had to remain there for about five days and finally the rescue team became successful to extract him safely from there.

Question arises how the 10 year old boy managed himself inside the deep borewell for such a long period. Again, he has the disability of hearing or speech. In such a situation how he managed to interact. This was really a difficult process. And a jawan of NDRF named B Anil Kumar played a vital role in this context. He not only interacted with Rahul but he also made friendship with him. One of the strong factors which kept Rahul alert, awake, engaged and safe inside the deep borewell was his friendship with Anil Kumar.

Recently, Anil Kumar shared his ordeal to press and an emotional episode of friendship and victory came into the fore.

Anil Kumar had been assigned with the task of providing food and drink to Rahul and to interact with him. And in this venture, Rahul turned a true companion of the jawan. He responded well to the voice of Anil Kumar and in return the jawan did not slept for the whole time and kept Rahul engaged by interacting with him.

As per reports, initially Rahul was not responding to him. But later after intervention of his mother, everything became smooth. B Anil Kumar enquired about the signs of Rahul from his mother and responded in the style that he understood. And it was the turning point.

As per reports, within the 104 hours Anil Kumar provided 9 fruity mango juice and a few dozens of banana to Rahul which he consumed to keep himself alive.

Initially, Rahul did not respond to the voice of Anil Kumar. Perhaps it was due to fear. He neither responded with any sign nor in any other way. Then the NDRF jawan enquired about Rahul’s favourite food from his family members. According to their suggestion, Rahul then was provided with banana. In the meanwhile the jawan also got confirmed about the signs that the boy gave with the tips from his mother. And now Rahul responded well.

The deep hole had become home of Rahul for the long five days. When he was sending signal that he is hungry, he was being given banana, his favourite fruit. And in drinks, it was mango juice for him.

The miracle does not ended there. Even, Rahul helped the rescue team. Whenever he was being given a bucket, he was filling water and giving signal signnal, so that the people on the ground would pull it up. As per Anil Kumar, Rahul had filled about 10 buckets of water.

Whenever he was feeling drowsy, he was getting asleep after putting his head on a stone that was there inside the hole above the water level.

On Tuesday when the rescue operation started Rahul got frightened. He even did not respond to words of Anil Kumar. Just he tried to keep him away by staying close to the stone. And finally Rahul was rescued.

And within these five days Rahul turned friend of NDRF jawan Anil Kumar who credited the whole rescue team for the success of the mission.

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