Baby beheaded in Mother’s Womb, Experts mention Never Seen such case in life

Hard to believe, yet it’s true. During the labour delivery of a woman, doctors at the hospital pulled the baby so hard that it got beheaded. The baby was upside down and was in a critical condition. But the careless attempt of the hospital staff to deliver the baby resulted in a brutal act. Torso of the baby came out and the head remained inside the mother’s womb!

The heart-rending incident took place at Ramgarh hospital in Jaisalmer of Rajasthan. Doctors there tried to hide the fact and maintained that the child was born dead and referred her to Jaisalmer hospital. Due to lack of facilities, from there, she was moved to Jodhpur hospital where the actual incident came to the limelight.

The entire incident was like this. Due to labor pain, one Diksya Kanwar was admitted to the Ramgarh government hospital. Since it was a critical case and the child was upside down, during delivery the child got beheaded and the torso came out leaving the head inside the mother’s womb. Finding no other way, the doctors there referred her to Jaisalmer hospital without intimating the real incident to the family.

However, Jaisalmer hospital was not well-facilitated and hence the mother was referred to Jodhpur hospital. When the lady was examined at Jodhpur hospital, doctors came to know that the head of the baby was inside her womb. Then they operated the lady, took out the head and handed it over to the family. Experts at the hospital mentioned that they have never seen such a horrendos incident in life.

Later, the situation went out of control when the family came to know about it. They filed an FIR at Ramgarh police station against the hospital staff. Torso of the baby was seized from the hospital only after the police interfered and interrogated the doctors there. At present, the condition of the lady is critical and she is admitted to Jodhpur hospital.

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