7th Pay Commission: Good News For These Government Employees, You Will Get Huge Benefits!

The employees of Indian Railways will now be able to do many jobs related to Provident Fund (PF) online. Railways have started Digital Human Resources Management (HRMS) system. This system will operate completely online for better productivity and employee satisfaction. Railway Board Chairman and CEO Vinod Kumar Yadav launched it through a video conferencing. This will benefit the employees as well as the pensioners.

An official statement said the move is aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of the railway system and is an important step towards realizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to make India a digitally empowered society.

These have separate modules, one of which is the PF Advance Module that allows employees to check their PF balance and apply online for PF Advance. Being online, the process will be completed on time. That is, employees will be able to apply for PF Advance sitting at home. According to the railway statement, the biggest beneficiary of this will be the retiring employee.

Expectation of relief on dearness allowance by next year: This year central employees are being paid dearness allowance only at the old rate (17 per cent) due to Corona crisis. This system will remain in force till June 2021 next year. In such a situation, it is hoped that after June next year, dearness allowance can be relieved.

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    I am retired on 30/04/14 from Metro Railway /Calcutta. Today I drew the Pension and slip and see the same old balance of Pension. My wife is ill due to an accident in GOA. Her right hand injured and broken. By taken loan from my friend she’s operation has done. Now physiotherapy is going on. When I get the the new pension. Please let me know. Otherwise the prices of essential commodities are going increased day by day. God bless all.

  2. Khaba says

    Waa wala wonderful for every now and then news are coming for benefits of government employees. What a good government. If you study nothing is happening.

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