28 workers hospitalized after gas leakage at chemical factory in Gujarat

After the leak of Bromine gas in the Gujarat chemical factory, workers present in the premises complained having breathing difficulties.

Gujarat: At least 28 people were hospitalized in a gas leak incident in Gujarat. The incident took place at a chemical factory near Jambusar in Bharuch district. The incident took place on Wednesday, i.e, August 23.

Reportedly, the accident took place after Bromine gas leaked due to the eruption of fire in a tank at PI industries in Sarod village of the district.

Following the leak, the affected ones encountered breathing difficulties. The incident unfolded at around 1 pm on Wednesday, with approximately 2000 workers present within the factory premises at that time.

Immediate measures were taken to ensure the safety of the workers. Sub-Inspector Vaishali Ahir of Vedach police station, in a statement informed that all of the workers were successfully evacuated.

She mentioned that all of them were rushed to the hospital for immediate medical assistance. 28 of them were hospitalized. She even mentioned that the leakage was brought under control soon after.

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