Weekly Horoscope: Know Your Astrology Prediction For Your Zodiac Sign

Bhubaneswar: Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, have on human lives. The position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of people’s birth  is said to shape their personality, affect their romantic relationships and predict their economic fortunes.

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. Here is the weekly zodiac forecast. This is your forecast for December 28 – January 3.


You will get favourable results in your career. Job seekers are required to remain alert and grab any new opportunity that comes their way. This will be a good time for people doing business. They will come across many opportunities to add to their income. Also, you will get immense success in accumulating money from abroad. Your parents may face health-related troubles and there could be expenditure related to their health. There could be some challenges in family life and you will have to work hard to gain family support. For those married, avoid any argument with your partner. This is a favourable time for your children and they will make substantial progress. Chances of you tying the knot with your romantic partner are high. With regard to health, fatigue and minor problems may persist.

Tip of the week: Explore new sources of generating income


You will be determined and remain goal-oriented this week. You will have a strong urge towards materialistic things, which will motivate you to work harder in your endeavours and achieve your dreams. You will have the support of luck in your career. There will be progress in life and an appraisal at workplace seems to be on the cards. Businessmen will attain favourable results after persistent hard work. There could be multiple sources to accumulate money, and utilizing these will help you strengthen your financial position. Students will get the opportunity to study abroad. Family atmosphere will remain cheerful due to celebration of an auspicious event. Some problems with the life partner may arise, which can lead to mental stress. Those single will be attracted to the opposite sex and may experience a crush during this time.

Tip of the week: Don’t lose sight of your goals


You will be a jack of all trades during this week since you will keep yourself engrossed in multiple things but may find it difficult to complete most of the tasks. There could be some troubles at the workplace due to the absence of support from co-workers. This can lead to a delay in completion of work as per the stipulated deadline. This will be a good time for businessmen and traders but they are advised to be cautious when making any major financial transaction. You will receive the support of family members. You will be critical about your relationships during this week and observant about the attitude of people around you. However, you are advised not to be too much into fault finding as it will spoil your personal connection. If married, there can be ego clashes between you and your spouse. Take special care of your health and improve your eating habits.

Tip of the week: Avoid being too critical


You will be humble and grounded and have the strength to take up any challenge with the support of your dear ones. You will get an opportunity to gain momentum in your career, hereby leading to your progress and promotion. This period will bring immense success for those in business when it comes to investment. Some problems in financial life may arise but you will resolve them with your hard work. This is a favourable period for students and they will successfully understand every subject without any doubt or delay. There will be mixed results in family life. On the one hand, you will get the support of the family, while on the other, a decision of yours will make your family go against you. Married people may get into frequent arguments with their spouse for some reason or the other. Your mother’s health needs extra care.

Tip of the week: Stay humble and grounded


You will have strong will power and zeal to achieve something in your life, along with strong risk-taking ability. You need to stay aware of your opponents in your career. However, you will dominate them and succeed in completing all tasks on time. Students will have to work harder than ever to succeed in the examinations. Students intending to go abroad will have to work harder to attain desirable outcomes. There could be stress in the family due to the interference of relatives. You will protect your family from any issue and offer complete support to your near and dear ones. Married people will be supported by their spouse, which will help them to perform better in their professional life. Health issues to children can cause anxiety. If you are single, you may meet someone special. Any disease related to the kidneys can cause problems.

Tip of the week: Keep an eye on your opponents


Your multi-tasking skills will help you perform several tasks simultaneously. At times, you may feel the urge to change your job due to the lack of job satisfaction but you are advised to go ahead only when the time is right. You should avoid getting into a dispute with a colleague because it will be harmful for your career. You will get auspicious results if you adopt your passion or your hobby as your work, therefore this is a good time if you are planning to start something new based on your interest. You will work as a perfectionist during this time and may get irked by people who take shortcuts. You will plan and strategise your tasks very well. Non-cooperation of family members may lead to stress and tension. Married people will get benefits with the help of their spouse. You will be concerned about your health, for which you may adopt physical workout in your daily lifestyle.

Tip of the week: Avoid disputes at the workplace


Due to a favourable planetary position, your career will churn out favourable results. You will make progress and people doing business will gain monetary benefits from an unexpected source. You may have to move away from home for some reason. In such a situation, you will miss your family members. If married, the lack of bonding between you and your life partner may haunt you at times. You and your life partner could take a major decision for the betterment of your child. If you truly love someone, then this is a favourable period. You are likely to tie the knot with your beloved in the near future. You may face mood swings and contradictory emotions which could play a spoiler in relationships. You will be compassionate and will believe in the act of giving, which is why it will be a good idea to involve yourself in social activities.

Tip of the week: Involve yourself in a social cause


During this week, you may have to work harder in your workplace and some challenges are foreseen. Those doing business will benefit from a trip. Your financial situation will remain good but you may face troubles due to a sudden rise in your expenses. Students preparing for their exams will get good results. In this case, continue to work hard with dedication. You will attain happiness in family life. At the same time, married people may have to face strong opposition from their spouse on some issues. Your children will remain happy and make progress and your relationship with them will improve. Those in love will need to trust each other more, otherwise a break-up is likely. Stay away from mental stress and abandon laziness and solitude in order to be successful. A sudden decline in your health levels can cause worry.

Tip of the week: Trust your partner


You will get favourable results in your career. You will be quick in making decisions and will be confident about them. Not only will you be able to improve your performance but you will also get the support of your superiors and the people working with you. This week will prove to be beneficial for people doing business, as they will attain immense success which will strengthen their financial position. Students will get success in achieving their respective goal. Some of you will get the opportunity to study abroad. Happiness in family will increase, and younger siblings will be seen supporting you. Due to the poor health of spouse, married people may face stress. You will be more vigilant towards your children. Travelling to new destinations and exploring things will keep you in high spirits. Your approach in love matters will be quite positive and overwhelming.

Tip of the week: Be confident of your decisions


You will maintain your calm and will be good at hearing and understanding people. You will have strong willpower and strong determination to achieve your goals. You will be good at planning things and will make strategies to achieve your goals in your professional life. You will get good results in your career in line with your efforts and hard work. There could be problems cropping up in your financial life during the first half of the week but later the smooth flow of income will put an end to your financial crisis. Your intelligence and goodwill will be strong in the market which will give you profit in business. You can undertake business trips, because of which you will get success in meeting some new people and getting work deals. Your mother may suffer from health problems. You could get an opportunity to go out on a trip with your life partner.

Tip of the week: Maintain goodwill with everyone


You will be persistent in achieving your goal, be it in your personal or professional life and will work hard towards it. This is a favourable time for students and they will get the fruits of their hard work. You may be a bit conservative and traditional in certain things, especially in your personal life. This approach of yours may not be appreciated by your family and friends. Due to your hectic routine, your family members may feel a lack of love and closeness. In a relationship, you will be truly committed and loyal to your partner and expect the same from them. You may not be very expressive in personal relationships but will give them space and freedom to achieve their goals. Your health may remain somewhat weak and you are advised to guard yourself against troubles like gas, acidity, joint pain and cold.

Tip of the week: Avoid being conservative


Your career graph will appear to be gaining momentum at this time. Businessmen will get a chance to expand their business. You will come across several opportunities to earn money but along with that, your expenses will also increase. You will be fair and honest in your dealings and will truly follow an ethical path. Students may face difficulties in understanding their subjects. Your family life will be good. You will benefit from any of your ancestral property. Married people will have better relationship with their spouse and a sense of love and closeness will increase. Your children will also get an opportunity to perform better in their studies. If you are in love with someone, then the time is right to consider a long-term commitment. You will have an inclination towards art and music. Also, you will be good at writing or expressing yourself.

Tip of the week: Stick to an ethical path

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