Viral Video: 7-Year-Old Girl Ordered Food Online But 42 Delivery Boys Reached Her House; Here’s Why

A case has come up in the Philippines that is becoming quite viral on social media. A 7-year-old girl ordered food through the online food delivery app, but there was an uproar when 42 different delivery boys reached the same order.

Initially, people suspected that the girl had not done it by mistake, but later it was revealed in the investigation that this happened due to technical glitch in the app.

According to a report by mashable, a school-going girl from Cebu City, Philippines, ordered chicken cutlets for lunch from the Foodpanda app. Her parents were not at home and after the order she started waiting for dinner with her grandmother.

After some time, the delivery boy started arriving with food in the girl’s street. But many delivery boys appeared in that street with the same food. A total of 42 delivery boys gathered there. Even the delivery boys did not understand what the matter was. However, a crowd gathered in the street to see the whole incident.

A local boy living in the same street also posted all this on social media. Actually, all this happened due to technical glitch in the food app, which led to 42 delivery boys taking food instead of one. As the app was not reportedly working properly, the order placed by the girl reached 42 delivery boys and they all reached there with the same food.

The company said that there was internet slow in the girl’s house and due to this the app did not work properly and 42 orders were received one after the other.

Watch Video Here: (Credit: Dann Kayne Suarez)

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  1. Sumit jha says

    So, its all about technical default, that there were 42 delivery boy having same order in same location. Thanks for sharing the interesting news

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