These Feng Shui plants are likely to bring good luck into your home

Feng Shui plants are beautiful to look at and are sure to bring peace to your mind. The plants come in varieties.

The Chinese Feng Shui principle emphasises on the connection between human life and nature. The word ‘Feng’ means ‘wind’ while ‘shui’ means ‘water’. The Feng Shui principle believes in promoting the harmony between life and the natural environment. It is believed that keeping certain Feng Shui plans at home or at work places is likely to bring prosperity, money, and good luck to one’s life. These plants are beautiful to look at and are sure to bring peace to your mind. Ranging from different sizes to colours, Feng Shui plans come in varieties. Here’s a list of few such plants that you can consider for decorating your room and work place. Take a look:

(1) Bamboo plants

Bamboo plants are easy to grow inside a house and take care of. These plants even make the interior of a place look beautiful. Bamboo plants are inexpensive and require limited amount of light and water.

(2) Lavender

Lavender plants are very beautiful and peaceful to look at. Feng Shui believes that keeping lavender plants nearby not only brings good fortune, but also offers protection against negative energy. The pleasing fragrance offered by the plant enhances the vibe of the surrounding. Lavender plants require sufficient hydration and and proper drainage.

(3) Basil

Basil plants are of high significance in the Hindu religion. Basil is also considered to be the chef’s favourite since it has a very significant space in the kitchen as well. The aromatic plant holds the power to drive away any form of negative energy and fight microorganisms. Basil plants require a lot of sunlight and moist soil throughout.

(4) Jade Plant

Jade plants are said to bring wealth to its owner. This belief comes after the shape of the leaves, which is like that of coins. As per Feng Shui rules, this plant is the luckiest of all. This can be a perfect housewarming present for close one. Jade plants enjoy moderate amount of water and abundant sunlight.

(5) Jasmine

The sweet scented plant is loved by many. This plant is considered lucky in terms of love. However, this plant requires a lot of care. Jasmine grows well with frequent watering, moderate temperature, and indirect light.


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