Tallest Sandcastle In Germany Breaks Guinness World Record

Berlin: A team of International artists worked together to create a 57.94-foot-tall sandcastle that broke a Guinness World Record.

It took 11,000 tonnes of sand to create this spectacular new record for the tallest sandcastle (17.66 m), by 12 sculptors & 8 technicians – a project by Thomas van den Dungen’s Skulptura Projects GmbH in Germany.

The artists, who included representatives from the Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Hungary, completed work on the sandcastle in Germany’s Binz.

It was officially measured by Guinness and dubbed the world’s tallest sandcastle.

Pic Credit- mailonline

The sand structure has an edge of just under a metre over the previous record holder – a 54.72-foot (16.68-metre) structure built in Duisburg, near Düsseldorf in western Germany, in 2017.

Organizer Thomas van Dungen was awarded a Guinness World Record certificate in recognition of his creation – which took ten days, twenty artists and 11,000 tonnes sand to build.

Pic Credit- mailonline

In 2017, the team’s sandcastle collapsed three days before completion, while In 2018, the group discovered that a protected species of bird had built a nest in the ruins of the previous year.

A special type of sand was imported from the Netherlands for its easy-to-sculpt properties, compacted with water under pressure and transported to the building site in huge trucks.

The sandcastle is on display till November 3.

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