Secret place of a plane where people sit to travel with high risk

The secret place in an aeroplane where people sometimes sit to travel is the chamber of the landing gear. However, travelling in this place means death is almost certain.

Falling from the sky

On June 30, 2019, a person suddenly dropped from the sky in a garden of London’s residential area. When he fell down, he had died, but surprisingly, his body had not any major injuries.

According to the police, it is believed that the man was travelling in a Jet Airways flight from Kenya to Heathrow Airport from Nairobi. Probably he was sitting on the landing gear.

Landing gear in the plane is the place for the wheels and parts of the set that opens while landing. However, reports say it is very difficult to survive in such a trip.

The danger of travelling on a landing gear

People make failed attempt to travel on a landing gear. When they want to make air travel without a ticket they hide them in this place. However, the high risk of travelling here is that as the plane takes off, the wheels come into this place. And hence the person there gets crushed.

Besides, there is a huge risk of burning in this place. In summer the wheel’s brake temperature becomes the highest. Besides, in other times there is a high risk of severe lack of oxygen.

This place is not air-conditioned like a cabin. So the temperature here is either very hot or very cold. In long-distance trips, the aeroplanes fly at very high altitude and in such a situation, the landing gear temperature reaches from -50 to -60 degrees Celsius.

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Apart from freezing cold, oxygen is less at such high altitude and air pressure is also less. In such circumstances, the lungs have to work hard and there is difficulty in breathing in the availability of almost zero oxygen.

The biggest risk for such unauthorized passengers is when the plane prepares to land. Once the flight prepares to land the wheel opens up and in most cases, this is the time when the hiding passenger falls from the sky.

Most travellers fall during this period because they are in a dangerous condition or because they are dead or unconscious by that time, therefore their grip falls loose.

What is the chance of survival?

According to Alastair Rosenshin, a specialist in aviation affairs, “There is no chance of survival for such passengers.”

As per reports such cases have been registered in 40 different countries, most of which are related to Cuba, China, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Nigeria.

Any survivor?

Although experts say that death in such trips is almost certain, there are some exceptions. The probability of avoiding death for a passenger travelling on the landing gear is when they travel in a Short-range flight or low-altitude flight.

In 2010, a 20-year-old Romanian man succeeded in reaching Heathrow Airport in private jet flying from Vienna somehow.

In 2015, one person travelling from Johannesburg to London Heathrow, travelling to 12,875 kilometres, was found unconscious in the landing gear.

In 1996 23-year-old Pradeep Saini escaped from Delhi in a 10-hour flight from London but his brother Vijay died due to falling near Heathrow Airport.

Can a person reach this place of a plane?

It is very difficult to reach this secret place. Before the takeoff, the whole plane is examined. Generally, these investigations are done by ground staff, crew members or sometimes both. So hence someone can sit here secretly in the final hours only.  People who have access to the clearance staff can sometimes make it. However, experts are of the view that death is almost certain of travelling in this place.

With inputs from BBC News Hindi

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