Paneer Tikka, Know Its Nutritional Value And Its Health Benefits

Bhubaneswar: Paneer or Cottage Cheese is highly nutritious and has many health benefits.Paneer is to vegetarians what chicken is to non-vegetarians.

Why Should We Eat Paneer?

Paneer is an excellent source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients. It contains lower amounts of saturated fats, cholestrol and carbohydrates.

The nutrients in Paneer can also help you lose weight. Can be eaten raw or prepared in several methods.

Besides, it also keeps your tummy full for a long time.

Paneer Tikka, a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka, It is a popular dish that is widely available in India and is quite delicious.

What is Paneer Tikka ? 

Paneer Tikka is a North Indian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in spices and are then arranged on a stick with capsicum, onion and tomatoes. The sticks are then grilled in a tandoor and seasoned with lemon juice and chaat masala. It can also be accompanied by mint chutney and salad.

Health Benefits of Paneer Tikka:

  • People who undergo weight training need a large amount of protein in their body. Since Paneer is loaded with protein, it can keep hunger at bay.
  • Paneer has a large dose of calcium that helps in building strong teeth and strong muscles.
  • Paneer can reduce body pain and it works wonders for person who is suffering from lower back pain. It also helps in combating arthritis and benefit aged people who have trouble walking and suffering from joint pain. It is also beneficial for pregnant woman as it reduces the chances of stillbirth and disorders due to presence of omega
  • Presence of Selenium and Potassium in Paneer keeps body healthy and prevents from cancer. The presence of protein helps in the prevention of stomach and colon caner. Even the prostate cancer common in men would be reduced by intake of Paneer.
  • The potassium in paneer helps in reduction of blood pressure in the body and helps prevent stroke.
  • It promotes smooth digestion and helps prevent constipation due to the presence of phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Paneer has a high presence of zinc that helps in prevention of sperm-related diseases and is beneficial for people who are strict vegetarians.
  • The presence of selenium and other vitamins helps the person to get glowing skin.
  • Paneer is also healthy food choice for Diabetic patients.

Paneer tikka is a healthy receipe. Slightly high on fat, but it has good fat.Good fat keeps you filler for a long time.

Nutrition Value of Paneer Tikka 

Image: Inputs from Tarladalal



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