Mumbai’s iconic Vada Pav ranks 13th best sandwich out of 50 across the world

Mumbai's popular street food Vada pav has now been ranked the 13th-best sandwich out of 50 across the world

Vada pav is one of the most exquisite delicacies of India filled, a popular street food in Maharashtra. For Mumbaikars, there is no particular time to consume this fast food. It can be relished during breakfast, lunch, evening snack time, or even dinner. Hence, it comes as good news for Indians as this popular dish has now been recognized globally. Vada pav has now been ranked the 13th-best sandwich in the world.

Recently, Taste Atlas released a list of 50 ‘Best Sandwiches in the World.’ For those unversed, Taste Atlas is an experiential travel guide founded by Matija Babic for traditional food that collates authentic recipes, food critic reviews, and research articles about popular ingredients and dishes.

Turkish favourite tombik or gobit kebab, a variety of döner kebabs made with shredded meat stuffed in a bun-shaped flatbread known as pide ekmek, took the first spot in the list. In number two is Butifarra, an essential Peruvian sandwich that consists of a crusty white bun (roseta) filled with jamón del país (garlic-infused peppery ham), salsa criolla, lettuce, radishes, and chilli.

Meanwhile, Mumbai’s iconic Vada Pavs are made of vada- spicy mashed potatoes that are deep-fried in chickpea batter- and pav (buns). It is seasoned with Indian masalas and served alongside coriander and mint chutneys or hot red chutney. Peanuts, shredded coconut, garlic, tamarind, and chillis are sometimes used to garnish them.

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