Feet of woman reveal husband’s future!

Ancient Indian texts were precious as it housed knowledge on many subjects. Some of the facts though seem astonishing have been proved correct. Many of these texts covered gigantic topics, like the universe and beyond to the minute ones like our toenails. It is believed that ancient scholars and sages, with their divine power, gained such knowledge from Gods and Demons and authored them into scriptures, for all of us to learn, get enlightened, and treasure it.

It is strange to find that even our toes have many hidden characteristics. A human feet and hand, consists of five members (fingers/toe)- the Angushtha (thumb/biggest toe), the Tarjani (forefinger/second toe), the Madhyama (middle-finger/third toe), the Anamika (ring-finger/fourth toe), and the Kanishthika (little-finger/little toe). Let us discuss the hidden symbols in women feet that reveal future of her hubby. These are according to ‘Samudrika Shastra’.

It is said if signs like Chakra, Dhvaja or Swastika are found on the sole of a woman’s feet, her husband lives like a King and the woman would relish the life of a queen herself.

If a woman has a line going up from the mount (cushion area below little toe) right up to the big toe, then the woman would be quite auspicious to her husband and he would get success and happiness.

The symbols like Kamala (lotus) or a Chhatra (umbrella) in the sole of a woman’s feet indicate that her husband will rejoice, wealth, political fame and prosperity, for only as long as they remain married together.

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