Covaxin Or Covishield, Which Vaccine Produces More Antibodies

Covid-19 vaccination is currently underway in India. The Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and Serum Institute of India’s Covishield are the major vaccine manufactures whose products are administered across the country.

At a time, when the public is unsure about the amount of antibody formed after vaccination, a report published by Medrxiv, an online repository for medicine and health sciences has showed some facts. Based on the study by Medrxiv, it was found that two doses of Covishield produces more seropositivity rate and anti-bodies than Covaxin.

The study was conducted on 515 healthcare workers living across 13 states in India and covered 22 cities. It was conducted for a period of five months within January and May, 2021.

Comparing the single dose of Covishield with Covaxin showed that, the former produced ten times more antibodies than the later. However, after the second dose of vaccination the antibodies present between Covishield formed almost six times more antibodies than Covaxin recipients.

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“Both vaccines showed good and similar immune responses even after a single dose in people who already had Covid in the past. This suggests both vaccines work well,” said Awadhesh Kumar Singh, one of the authors of the research paper, Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, G.D. Hospital and Diabetes Institute, Kolkata.

Overall, after both doses of Covid-19 it was found that 97.8 % persons who took Covishield had higher level of antibodies. On the contrary, Covaxin triggered 79.3% of its recipients with higher antibodies.

“We found presence of co-morbidity, sex, vaccine type and past history of COVID-19 infection as independent predictors of antibody titre,” the paper reads.

It is quite important to note that out of the 515 volunteers for the survey; only 90 persons had received Covaxin while the rest were administered with Covishield.

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