Aadhar Card No Longer Mandatory For Pensioners To Get Digital Life Certificate

New Delhi: Pensioners have to run for life certificates at the beginning of every year. This becomes even more difficult when the biometric information in a pensioner’s Aadhaar card is not updated or if there is any other technical problem.

But, the bad old days of pensioners will soon become a thing of the past because the Central government has relaxed the rules a bit. The Modi government has issued a notification regarding the new rules.

According to the notification, the requirement of the Aadhaar Life Certificate has been removed. It has been changed from compulsory to voluntary. Due to this rule being made voluntary, the major problem of pensioners has been resolved. This means that it is up to the pensioners who will decide if they want to give their Aadhar details or not.

Digital Life Certificate Facility: Pensioners need a life certificate every year. They get pension only after giving proof of their survival. Previously pensioners had to go to the pension issuing agency every year, but now a digital life certificate can be obtained from home. With the elimination of the Aadhar card, getting a digital life certificate will become easier.

Not necessary basis for Sandes App too: Apart from the digital life certificate, Aadhar verification has been made voluntary for the app message (‘Sandes’), which has been made mandatory for attendance at government offices. ‘Sandes’ is an instant messaging solution app designed for the presence of employees in government offices. Now government employees have to make attendance only through ‘Sandes’.


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