7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Milkshake

Banana is an edible fruit with soft flesh rich in starch covered with a rind, which may be green, yellow, red or brown when ripe that grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant.

Scientifically bananas come from two wild species – Musa acuminate and Musa balbisiana produced by several kinds of herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa.

Banana and milk are two nutrient-dense ingredients that have many health benefits. Banana and milk combination provide all the nutrients required for the body with ample of doses of proteins, vitamins, dietary, fiber and minerals.

Here Are The Amazing Benefits Of Banana Shake:

  1. GAIN WEIGHT: Banana shakes are calorie-dense fruit and contain lots of vital nutrients which helps to gain your weight. Add a banana to your regular smoothie diet.

        2. WEIGHT LOSS: Bananas are rich in fiber that keeps you feel fuller longer. Add a banana to a milk substitute and some ice for a banana shake and continue your exercise routine.

       3. BOOSTS ENERGY: Bananas are rich in complex carbs that pump a steady stream of glucose in your body and gives energy to make a killer workout. It can boost muscle glyocen stores and potassium and prevent muscle cramps.

      4. HEALTHY SKIN: Bananas contain vitamin C that produces collagen antioxidant which plays a key role in healing skin damage, keep skin hydrated and slow ageing process.

     5. REMEDY FOR HEADACHE: Alcohol beverages can dilate blood vessels in the brain, cause a headache and make you to pee more. Banana shakes are rich in electrolytes like potassium that helps your body to retain water.

     6. REDUCES HAIR FALL: Adding banana shake in your daily diet plan can make your hair luscious and prevent hair loss.

      7. BEST FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: Presence of abundant amount of iron in bananas is beneficial for pregnancy women. It devours invulnerability or banana cheddar in pregnancy and closes the issue of stoppage.


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