5 must try Korean treats you can make at home

Thanks to the delectable foods that appear in K-dramas, Korean food is a rage. Here are a list of treats you can try at home

New Delhi: Thanks to the delectable foods that appear in K-dramas, Korean food is a rage. The meals, which are well-known for their savoury flavour and thick texture, are simple to make at home. While some do require lengthy and difficult cooking procedures, others do require difficult-to-find ingredients. However, you may prepare these five simple dishes at home and enjoy them. Although the majority need some form of non-vegetarian filling to go with them, vegetarian alternatives are available.


The Korean dinner in its entirety. This Korean mixed rice contains rice, vegetables, beef, and more. It makes for a delicious and satisfying dinner. Start with making the unique sauce, then marinade and cook the meat. Next, prepare the vegetables and a sunny side up. Then, simply combine everything in a dish of rice. A mixture of rice, meat, and various vegetables is known as bibimbap. The dish can be prepared as you choose because it is so straightforward. It tastes just as good in a vegetarian version.


The Korean Glass Noodles, the most popular meal served during the festive Korean holidays, is seasoned with succulent pork and a variety of veggies. It is often served as a side dish, but when combined with rice (Japchae-bap), it becomes a major dish. Similar to Bibimbap in terms of heating and preparation, this dish features firm noodles, crisp vegetables, and a flavour combination of sweet and savoury.


The most well-liked street food is probably Korean rice cakes, which are hot, spicy, and chewy. There are numerous variations of it that can be tried in order to determine what suits your preferences. While utilising soup stock is a more traditional method of preparation, a non-spicy alternative works just as well if you cannot take spices. Gather some rice cakes, tteokbokki sauce, soup stock, meat, and add sesame seeds and green onions for decoration.


If Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the most watched K-drama of 2022, has made you crave some gimbaps, fear not-they are simple to prepare. Gimbap, which is frequently mistaken for sushi, is formed with a sheet of dried seaweed (Gim) and rice (Bap). Just cram some meat and vegetables inside, then take off. Simply use some chopped kimchi in place of the filling if you’re in a rush.


Popular side dish that goes with any meal of the day is this savoury egg custard. Eggs, anchovy broth, salty prawns and scallion are all you need. One of the simplest and quickest dishes to prepare is this one. All were ready in less than 20 minutes.

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