Yubari King Melon, the World’s most expensive fruit


With the advent of summer craving for refreshing fruits increases. Yet, would you like to take pleasure in the world’s most expensive fruit?

During summer, people prefer certain fruits like mango, watermelon, orange, apple, banana, grapes, etc. However, these fruits are rather low-priced if compared to the world’s most expensive fruit.

Meet Yubari King Melon, the world’s most expensive fruit. The cost of the fruit reached over 24 lakh rupees in an auction in 2008. With the same amount of money, one can buy a luxury car.

It is cultivated in greenhouses in Yubari, which is on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. It is a hybrid of two other melons named Earls Favourite and Burpee ‘Spicy’ Cantaloupe.

The highest quality Yubari melon is supposed to be perfectly round and should have an extremely smooth rind. The Yubari King is also sweeter than other melons.

These melons have a delicate net-like pattern on their rind and their orange flesh is sweet and juicy. Each melon is carefully inspected by hand and checked according to its sugar content, net pattern, shape, and size.

Yubari Melons are harvested between May and August and events like the Yubari Melon festival take place during this period to mark its harvest.

Besides being eaten as it is, Yubari melons are also used in popular snacks and desserts such as cakes, pudding, jelly, and chocolates.

In Japanese culture, these melons are seen as a gesture of respect and goodwill and are frequently exchanged during ceremonies, celebrations, or to express goodwill.

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